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Honor Roll


Our Honor Roll

*Champion Hornblower's Nimu of Ehrenfels
*Am. Can. Champion Nordica of Newton-Ark
*Champion (Bearbrook's) Little Shieba
*Champion Bearbrook's Sedaka (Group Placer) OVC
*Champion Bearbrook's Sergeant Pepper (Multi Group Winner)
*Champion Bearbrook's Beachcomber
*Champion Bearbrook's Kable Seadreamer OVC
*Can. Ital. Int'l. Best in Show Champion Bearbrook's Barnacle Bill ROM
*Am. Can. Champion Cayuga Icebreaker Of Topmast (Group Winner) OFA ROM
*Am. Can. Champion Our Bearbrook Domino de Dourga CD,TD OVC (NCA National Specialty Select & Multi Group Winner)
*Champion Bearbrook's Image of Cadre OVC
*Champion Bearbrook's Munchkin OFA/OVC
*Am. Can. Champion Bearbrook's Sailor of Moonfleet CD,DD OFA
*Champion Bearbrook's Moonfleet Sea Angel CDX
*Champion Bearbrook's Whitney Houston OFA/OVC
*Am. Can. Champion Cayuga Xebec of Bearbrook (NCA RWD) OFA
*Champion Bearbrook's Belle Amie de Jojo
*Champion Bearbrook's Moonfleet Yule Tide OFA
*Bearbrook's Great Black Hope CD OVC
*Champion Bearbrook's Tobrouk
*Champion Bearbrook's Paddington Bear OVC
*Champion Dulrick's Jessie of Bearbrook OVC
*Champion Bearbrook's Muffin of Millibarn
*Multi Best in Show Champion Bearbrook's Talisman of Cinali OVC
*Best in Show Champion Bearbrook's Calypso Royale
*Champion Blackventure Maria of Topmast OFA
*Int'l. Slo. Cro. Champion Bearbrook's Ursinus Velutus Dan HD A (Europe)
*Champion Bearbrook's Catch The Wave (Group Winner) OFA/OVC
*Champion Bearbrook's Munchkin OFA/OVC
*Champion Bearbrook's Homeward Bound (Group Winner) OFA
*Champion Bearbrook's Sweet Dreams
*Am. Can. Champion Bearbrook's Swashbuckler (Group Winner) OFA
*Champion Bearbrook's Simon Sez
*Champion Bearbrook's Showboat OFA/OVC
*Champion Bearbrook's Katy Came Alone OFA
*Champion Bearbrook's Blink of N Eye OFA (B.O.S. NCC Specialty Show)
*Champion Bearbrook's Summer Dream CD,TD,WD (Therapy Dog) OFA
*Bearbrook's Rufus (AKC Ambassador - Therapy Dog)
*Am. Can. Champion Sugarland's Sweet Sadie OFA/OVC (Multi Group Winner)
*Champion Bearbrook's Holy Hannah CD,WD,CGC,TDI
*Champion Bearbrook's Tallship Welsh OFA
*Champion Bearbrook's Attitash (Group Winner) OFA
*Champion Bearbrook's Springhaven Jack OFA
*Champion Springhaven Bearbrook Breeze OFA
*Am. Can. Champion Springhaven Bearbrook Bogart OFA
*Bearbrook's Abby Source of Joy (Therapet's 2003 Therapy Dog Of The Year award)
*Champion Bearbrook's Jade OFA (Multi Group Winner / Top Winning Newf Bitch in Canada)
*Bearbrook's Tallship Ellyssa CD, TD, DD, WRD OFA
*Champion Bearbrook's Tallship Whitewater OFA
*Champion Bearbrook's Midnight Breaker OFA
*Bearbrook's Maddie (Therapy Dog)
*Am. Can. Champion Milano N Bearbrook at Longship OFA
*Bearbrook's Summer Blossom TD
*Am. Int'l. Champion Tallship Knight of Bearbrook OFA (NCA Specialty Show Veteran Winner)
*Champion Bearbrook's The Dance NCA WRD, DD OFA CHIC NCA ROM
*Champion Stjarna Raven Layla of Bearbrook
*Bearbrook's Majestic Madison "AKC Canine Good Citizen Award" (At 8 Months of age)

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